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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out with the Old & In with the New & Giving Credit where Credit is Due

This year has been pretty good, even with some challenges we've been blessed with both great experiences and great & supportive people in our lives. I absolutely adore everyone in our little lung family, they make me smile every day. Their strength and courage inspire me & I am truly blessed to have them. A few have seen great heartache this year and my heart aches along side them and I hold them in my prayers.

As we wave good bye to 2013 & say Hello to 2014, I just want to take a moment.....

Still working on my word for 2014 do you have a word that you plan to incorporate into your life?!

Giving credit where it's due..... Labels, assumptions, stereo types.....

A little lesson about judging a book by its cover. I want to tell you a story about this guy.

So, some of you who have known us for awhile now or who have had the pleasure of meeting my husband Jerry in person, will likely say he's nothing like he appears. This big burly Mohawk guy is a big softy with a super sense of humor. It's kind of like raising 4 kids sometimes.

He's been rocking this Mohawk gig for about 4-5 yrs, after the kids asked him to shave a 'hawk into his usual, bald is beautiful look.
Sooooo, just about a month ago I said " maybe it's time to change it up with the hair?"
His reply.... " don't you know why I do my hair like this?"

"Yes, " I said " 'cause the girls asked you to, you're kind of a freak & you love the attention."
( I know, total supportive wife right?!)
"No," he says ....
" I do my hair like this for 2 reasons"

" First, so Courtney knows it doesn't matter if you're different & people stare at you. Just smile back at them. "

" And second.... So people will look at me & cringe, instead of starring at her & her oxygen" ( our daughter & son both have a very very rare form of chILD..children's interstitial lung disease & require 24/7 oxygen supplementation ) Our journey has not been an easy one but the blessings out weight the struggles a hundred fold.

.....well, I was nearly balling my eyes out. He'd NEVER told me that.

He doesn't get near enough credit for all he does for his kids and me. And although he would say he's a freak and people can stare and judge all they want, he always says " be a duck, just let it roll off your back" , he is a true example of .... Don't judge a book by its cover, I think many in and out of our circle have made assumptions about him based on that freaky head of hair, and if they have.... They are the ones missing out.
I've always known it...but ...YEP, HE's A KEEPER ALL RIGHT !!

Happy 2014 to you and yours and may it bring, love, joy, good health and peace to your body and mind.