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Monday, February 11, 2013

Take a Deep Breath

*Today I Celebrate*

It is the 12th Anniversary of the day I held my breath & sobbed in my husband's arms as they wheeled, my sedated, 15 month old daughter away for open heart surgery.

It's a feeling of helplessness that far too many parents of children with Congenital Heart Defects have had to feel. That moment when you hand over your sweet & precious child to a surgeon who you just pray, with all your might, will not only fix you child but bring them back to you alive. Some people might think its so common place , what's the big deal. Picture if you will, a staff of medical surgeons stopping your child's heart & hooking them up to a machine to keep them alive while they repair your child's tiny heart.

And once those doors close the tears seem to be unending. The waiting game now begins. It doesn't get easier the more surgeries your child has, the waiting, pacing & worrying along with many many prayers is always the same.

I feel blessed everyday that my beautiful daughter's defect was one they could fix. It is considered by specialist to be a good fix. She had a double ASD...atrial septal defect....a hole in the upper chambers of the heart, along with a leaky mitral valve. It was very large, the patch that covered them both was the size of a Canadian Toonie Coin.... Now picture in your mind the size of a toddler's heart.

But there are many other children who's defects are more complex & require multiple surgeries, while still others may require transplants & possibly face death.

Her surgery just so happened to coincide with International CHD Awareness week February 7th - 14th. She went in on the Monday & my little warrior was able to come home on Valentines Day....how fitting!! I feel tremendously blessed that her surgeon also happen to be considered in the top 5 paediatric cardiac surgeons in North America & he is right here at our local children's hospital ( Stollery Children's Hospital )

CHD... Congenital Heart Defects effect more children then all childhood cancers combine. Chances are someone you know could be effected..... Please get informed on these diseases & send love & prayers to those who have to hold their breath as they hand over their children everyday.
Become Aware & And never take a minute for granted.